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In our industry, being sustainable cannot be passively achieved. It takes a commitment of time, money, resources, and a corporate culture committed to doing the right thing, no matter what it takes. At Argos, we understand this and take sustainability seriously. It is not just a ceremonial distinction to us. We are so dedicated to the pursuit of sustainability that it represents the foundation of our business model and a core tenet of our business strategy.

Our sustainability strategy is built around three principal lines of action:

  1. Environmental Stewardship: We believe that we are all responsible to do our part to protect the environment. Our environmental management system allows us to prevent, reduce, mitigate, correct and compensate for impacts. Meanwhile, we are diversifying our energy portfolio through the use of alternative fuels. Lastly, our innovation and R&D programs are constantly evaluating new methods of reducing our carbon footprint and creating sustainable cement and concrete mixes. Learn more »
  2. Health and Safety: We firmly believe that, in terms of health and safety, the only acceptable number is ZERO. Our goal is to strive for zero incidents with injuries and occupational illnesses within our workforce. For this reason, we attract, develop and promote high health and safety standards that save the lives of our employees, suppliers and communities and contribute to the market revitalization of the areas where we operate. For example, our “I Promise” program empowers our employees to address any unsafe situation.
  3. Community Engagement: We actively create value for our communities through our commitment to being good neighbors and allies in development, and by giving back to our communities through volunteering. 

We believe that everything we do as a company should not only add value to the company, but also create value for society. Success in sustainability requires a commitment to maintaining direct, transparent and symbiotic relationships with our communities and all of our stakeholders, in order to foster relationships built on trust, shared values, and responsible production.


  • Argos is recognized as one of the most sustainable cement companies in the world, according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.
  • Argos received the Gold Class distinction in the RobecoSAM yearbook.
  • We are included in the FTSE4Good and the Vigeo Eiris indexes of the most sustainable emerging entities in the world.

To learn more about our corporate commitment to sustainability, visit our corporate site.