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Argos Wins SCA “High Performance” Award for Tampa Airport Taxiway Bridge Project

Argos Wins SCA “High Performance” Award for Tampa Airport Taxiway Bridge Project

Six phase project features sustainable mix design

Argos took home the Slag Cement Association (SCA) 2017 Project of the Year Award in the High Performance category for our work on the Tampa International Airport Taxiway J Bridge reconstruction. Argos provided the slag cement and the ready mix concrete for the project, leveraging our vertically integrated position to bring value to our customer.

The Tampa International Airport recently finished the reconstruction of a 300-foot long by 200-foot wide taxiway bridge that was built to regularly support the weight of Boeing 777 and Boeing 747 aircraft. To achieve this, Argos used a mix design with a 30 percent slag cement replacement of cementitious material, and the Tampa Airport told the project team that it was some of the nicest concrete pavement ever performed at the airport. In addition, because a slag cement was used in the mix, Argos was able to provide a more sustainable mix design. In fact, SCA President Ed Griffith mentioned that the SCA award showcases “how versatile slag cement can be, and how it can help create stronger, more durable, and sustainable concrete structures.”

This six-phase project took great collaboration from all the contractors involved because it included the removal of the existing bridge and completion of the new structure. The new bridge is supported by two abutments and three intermediate piers built on 42-inch and 48-inch drilled shaft foundations. The superstructure contains pre-stressed concrete beams with transverse post tensioning topped with a 12-inch-thick slab.