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Argos Board of Directors Visits Our Tampa Cement Plant

Argos Board of Directors Visits Our Tampa Cement Plant

Two-day board meeting discusses plans to expand plant’s utilization

Our Argos board of directors visited our Tampa Cement Plant this week as part of their 2-day board of directors meeting. Marlon Melo, our Vice President – South Cement Operations, and Terry Bennett, our Tampa Plant Manager, provided our board of directors with a little history about the plant; showed them the operations at the plant, including the plant’s dock, packing operations, and mill operations; and discussed plans to expand the plant’s utilization in 2019 to meet the growing needs of our customers.

The Tampa Cement Plant is Argos’ only active cement grinding station with port access in the United States. With two private deep water berths allowing for both importing and exporting material, the Tampa Cement Plant imports cementitious materials, including granulated blast furnace slag and fly ash, both of which can be used as sustainable alternative materials in cement and concrete. In addition, due to its strategic position, the Tampa Cement Plant has been leveraged for exports into the Caribbean region, among others, as well.

The plant’s mill operation is supported by two 3,000-horsepower ball mills, two bagging operations, and a blending operation. The plant also has the logistics capability to serve our customers by rail, truck or ship due to its two bulk-truck loading operations, rail loading operations, as well as sea-going vessel import and export operations. With the support of its logistics capabilities and its ability to bag both packaged and bulk cement products, which are packed in 1-ton super sacs, the Argos Tampa Cement Plant is uniquely positioned to serve its diverse customer base.