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Designed for Durability: The Benefits and Possibilities of Integrally Colored Concrete

Designed for Durability: The Benefits and Possibilities of Integrally Colored Concrete

Colored Concrete

Concrete offers strength and durability, but with advances in color technology, it can also be a medium for creative design. Integrally colored concrete, such as Argos’s Palette Crete®, expands the aesthetic potential of concrete for a variety of applications across multiple industries. 

The History of Colored Concrete

In the past, customers had few options to achieve colored concrete designs. They could use porch paint from a big box home improvement store; however, this peels easily. Alternatively, they could add a shake-on color to the surface of the concrete, but any chips would reveal the grey concrete underneath, and it is difficult to patch with an exact color match.

Even after the introduction of colored concrete, customers saw inconsistent color from batch to batch, since it was mixed in the truck once it arrived at the job site.

Argos’s Palette Crete uses the most advanced color technology to mitigate these issues. Colors are made from liquidized metal oxides, which are specially formulated for mixing in concrete for uniform tinting. This results in color that is integrated throughout the concrete — top to bottom.

Colored Concrete Driveway low

Integrally colored concrete can be used in driveway designs

Benefits of Integrally Colored Concrete

1. Easy installation with no additional labor

Installation of integrally colored concrete is the same as high-quality uncolored concrete. Because it requires no separate finishing or staining processes, it does not require any additional labor. It also is a less labor-intensive alternative to creating decorative elements with materials such as natural stone or ceramic tile.

2. Standardized, consistent color

An alternative method of producing colored concrete involves mixing the color into the concrete in the truck at the job site. This requires additional labor and often creates inconsistent color. With integrally colored concrete, the color is added when the concrete is batched, so it is ready-made when it is delivered and more consistent from batch to batch.

3. Durability

The color in integrally colored concrete is permanent and will last as long as the concrete itself. It can be polished and maintain its integrity. And, because the color is homogenous throughout, any wear will only reveal the same color underneath.

4. Ability to achieve desired aesthetics

Integrally colored concrete can help achieve creative designs in a range of commercial and residential applications. In one market that Argos serves, for example, many customers want a black driveway. While they want the look and color of asphalt, they want the durability of concrete. So, they can use the black integral color in the Argos mix and achieve an upscale black concrete look.

Creative designs with colored concrete.

Colored concrete can be used to create intricate and beautiful creative designs. Explore a world of endless possibilities for your next project.
Colored Concrete floor
Colored Concrete design

With vast experience and a deep understanding of color, Argos can equip you to achieve a range of creative designs, with a durable product that will last a lifetime. For more information about Palette Crete, contact us.