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Newberry Cement Plant Takes Part in High School Career Day

Newberry Cement Plant Takes Part in High School Career Day

Program helps student learn about potential career paths

Mark Bastow, our Maintenance Coordinator, and Christopher Allison, our Process Engineer, from our Newberry Cement Plant recently attended a career fair at the local high school. This career fair was geared towards juniors and seniors who wanted to learn more about potential career paths that they could enter after completing school.

Unlike other career fairs, the school actually matches college programs with a business partner to provide the student with information on how they can leverage the certification program that they might attend in school with real-world examples of how they start a successful career upon graduation. The high school had representatives from education, business, technical, medical, zoological, construction, fire, and police programs, including two- and four-year programs.

Employees from our Newberry Cement Plant are very active and supportive of the local students and work closely alongside the school to ensure that these students are prepared for their future careers, whatever that may be. In addition to participating in this career fair, which helped connect the dots for students in terms of continuing their education and their future career choice, the Newberry Plant also hosts a welding class for high school students to help teach and develop the skills that will allow these students to get a job in a trade that is in demand in our country and serve as the foundation for them to be able to provide of themselves and their families in the future.