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Argos Builds Life-Changing Ramp for Disabled Teen and His Family

Argos Builds Life-Changing Ramp for Disabled Teen and His Family

Team provides labor and materials to make home more accessible

Argos, along with Bonness Construction, was able to help a very special family within our community in Lee County, Florida, with a new wheelchair ramp. Through the Builders Care organization, we were able to assist a 16-year-old, who was born premature with cerebral palsy and lacks the ability to walk or sit upright on his own. His parents are his primary caretakers and assist their son in his daily routine. Over the years, their son’s physical limitations, alongside financial restraints, created many obstacles for the family.

The family was in dire need of a wheelchair ramp to make their home more accessible. With a fixed income, they did not have the means of making any repairs to the existing ramp. For years, his parents were wheeling him down a steep slope covered with old roofing shingles.

After learning the family’s situation, Argos immediately stepped in without hesitation. They quickly worked together with Bonness Construction on labor and materials to help this family in need. In just a few hours, Argos and Bonness made their home accessible by removing the uneven terrain and adding a sloped concrete ramp with a landing area. All work completed was at no cost to the homeowners.

The sight of the new ramp brought tears to the eyes of the parents because we were able to help turn this dream into a reality. It might just be a ramp, but it is more than just a ramp to this family—it is a relief to the family who can now safely and more easily load and unload their son’s wheelchair and take care of their child.

Builders Care is the nonprofit charitable arm of the Lee Building Industry Association (Lee BIA). Its mission is to provide emergency home repairs and construction services to elderly, disabled and economically disadvantaged people who are unable to obtain home repairs through traditional means. To date, Lee BIA Builders Care has put more than $4.5 million in construction services back into the community at no cost to homeowners in need. Builders Care enlists the volunteer services of Lee BIA members and leverages grants and donated materials to provide construction and remodeling services to qualified homeowners throughout Lee County.