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Meridian Cement Terminal Recognized for Commitment to Conservation

Meridian Cement Terminal Recognized for Commitment to Conservation

Terminal re-certified through Wildlife Habitat Council

Our Meridian Terminal in Mississippi recently re-certified for Wildlife Habitat Council’s conservation certification program. This conservation certification recognizes meaningful wildlife habitat management and conservation education programs from participants and provides third-party credibility and an objective evaluation. In addition, the conservation program helps companies demonstrate a long-term commitment to managing quality habitat for wildlife, conservation education and community outreach initiatives.

At the Meridian Terminal, employees have provided bat and bluebird boxes that provide a roost and shelter for the animals. Native bats are vital to the health of natural ecosystems and human economies. Some types of bats consume insects, which can be damaging agricultural pests. Other types of bats pollinate many valuable plants, ensuring the production of fruits and vegetables that support local economies, as well as diverse animal populations.

Congratulations to the employees at our Meridian Terminal for this outstanding accomplishment, and your commitment to the conservation of our environment.