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White portland cement


White portland cement is similar to its gray counterpart except for its bright white color. The purpose of white cement is typically to yield clean, consistent, and bright colors. The manufacturing process of this type of cement and the raw materials used in the process, such as manganese, are primarily responsible for lending the cement its whiteness.

At Argos, we supply white portland cement that conforms to the ASTM C150 specification and is fit for a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Due to its consistent color and high performance, our white cement is ideal for demanding projects relevant to bridges, parking structures, and high-rise buildings.

Specifying White Cement

The most critical advantage white cement offers over its gray alternative is its versatility in pigmented applications. The white color provides a neutral base for cement color mixes, yielding a vibrant tint that can transform any architectural or decorative cement. It’s possible to achieve nearly any color with white cement by mixing multiple pigments and switching up the texture or surface finish treatment.

While there is no dedicated specification for the whiteness of the cement, it is subject to highly rigid quality control procedures to minimize color variations. It’s imperative that the metal oxides used in the manufacturing process, which makes portland cement white, are sourced very carefully to ensure uniformity of tone and brightness. Iron oxides are also minimized to enhance the whiteness of the cement and provide a brighter white color.

While white cement can be supplied to meet a number of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specifications depending on the intended use case, the most common specification that it’s held to is the standard specification for portland cement, ASTM C150. The intended application determines the percentage metal oxide by weight the white cement would contain; for instance, it may be specified that the white portland cement may have no more than 0.50% by weight ferric oxide.

White Cement Types

Under the ASTM C150 specification of cement, there are five main types. Of the five types, type I is the most commonly used type of white cement, while types II, III, and V are less common in construction projects and are, therefore not usually imported. Different physical and chemical requirements for specific use cases determine the types. To minimize color variations, the white cement used for a particular project must be of the same brand and type for the entire job.

Type I

This is general-purpose white cement used primarily in prestressed and precast architectural concrete, cast-in-place structural and architectural concrete, spas and swimming pools, reflective floors, ornamental statuary, terrazzo, concrete roof tiles and countertops, tile grout, colored mortars, a wide range of other applications. This type of cement is quite versatile and performs exceptionally well for almost all possible use cases.

Argos Type I white cement conforms to ASTM C150 Standard Specification for portland Cement.

White Portland Cement with Added Water Repellant

While white portland cement is inherently water-resistant with low porosity and water incursion, this aspect can be enhanced by mixing it with certain additives. Usually, silica fume is the additive of choice. This category of white cement does not fall under ASTM specifications. Nonetheless, it’s used in applications where added moisture resistance is desired, such as stucco and paint finish coats and tile grouts.

White Portland Cement Advantages

White cement offers several advantages over standard gray cement. Be it the mixing and preparation process, the application, or the finished results, with white portland cement you can expect a superior-quality finish.

  • White cement provides a neutral base for easy, effective, and uniform pigment mixing.
  • White portland cement is highly versatile; a wide range of decorative looks can be achieved simply by experimenting with pigments and colored aggregates and also by changing up surface treatments, textures, and finishes.
  • This type of cement is the most conducive to architectural design and decorative purposes.
  • White cement reflects light that immediately brightens the space and elevates its appearance. This brightness also contributes to energy conservation by reducing the need for excessive artificial lighting.
  • In certain cases, white cement is also used for increased visibility, for instance, in the case of highway medians.

White Portland Cement Disadvantages

Its many advantages notwithstanding, white cement does have certain disadvantages as well.

  • Due to its strenuous manufacturing process, white cement is considerably more expensive than regular portland cement.
  • White cement is also less strong than ordinary portland cement.
  • The setting time of white cement is low; masons must work with maximum speed and efficiency and be extremely attentive throughout the application process.

White Cement Near Me

When it comes to construction projects, the choice of cement used can significantly impact the final outcome. White cement, in particular, can create stunning and unique effects.

If you’re searching for the right white portland cement for your project, you’ll be pleased to know that Argos has you covered. As a leading supplier of construction materials, Argos has extensive knowledge and expertise in supplying high-quality white cement that meets even the most demanding architectural needs.

Our white cement is specially formulated to produce a bright, clean finish that can enhance the appearance of any structure. We use only the finest raw materials to ensure that our white cement meets the highest standards of quality and consistency. Our team of experts is highly skilled in working with white cement and can provide guidance on the best applications for your project.

At Argos, we understand that every construction project is unique and offer customized solutions to suit your specific needs.

If you want to use white cement for your next project, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our team of experts will happily answer any questions and provide you with a quote. With Argos, you can be confident that you’re getting the best quality white cement on the market.