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Argos Masonry Technical School Hosts Training Classes

Argos Masonry Technical School Hosts Training Classes

This past week, we conducted our Argos Masonry Technical School at the Argos Customer Training Pavilion in Atlanta from November 8th – November 10th, 2021.

This free class was specifically designed for individuals new to the company, Argos’ customers, and those interested in a Practical Technical Education. The course offers AIA CES or Certification for Continuing Education. Since the start of the pandemic, in-person classes like this have been few and far between. That is why we were so excited to be back in person, and we knew others would be just as excited to join us. We reached out to several other companies and groups in our industry, including Georgia Hispanic Construction Association. We had an excellent turnout this year with students from all different backgrounds!

Over the three days, Argos Masonry Technical Service Manager was joined by several great presenters to share their knowledge and input on the masonry practice’s key components and technical aspects.

Unlike many traditional lecture and training classes, our Argos Masonry Technical School also had a hands-on portion. As we discussed each material, Mortar, Block (CMU), Brick, Cement and Grout, we would then use those items in our final project. This practice allowed us to explain how each element has high quality and integrity and allow our students to experience it for themselves. We were excited to learn that ten being the best on a scale from one to ten; each review we received gave us a ten out of ten! Though that won’t stop us from continuing to adapt and improve our class.

As always, safety was Argos’ top priority. Each session was held in our open-air building and training pavilion in Atlanta, GA, as a defense against COVID-19, and space heaters were on standby in case we experienced any cold weather.