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An iconic project for Atlanta, as well as sports stadiums across the world, Mercedes-Benz Stadium seems to be in a class all its own. From its unmistakable ocular retractable roof to its 360-degree halo video board (and the world’s largest video board), this 2 million square-foot complex commanded a construction team that was going to be able to live up to its world-class vision.

It was two years from the time the first yard of Argos concrete was placed on this project to when the last yard was poured. During that time, Argos poured 30,000 cubic yards of concrete for the foundation, 130,000 cubic yards for the structure, 12,000 cubic yards for the parking decks, and other miscellaneous areas around the complex. As impressive as that was, it was the pouring of concrete for the mega columns, which support the roof structure, that was truly impressive.

Nineteen mega columns were required to support the one-of-a-kind roof structure, but given the specifications of these columns, the concrete had to maintain a 60°F temperature during placement, and it had to maintain this temperature during the hot Atlanta summer, where outside temperatures were reaching 95°F. To meet the required specifications, Argos used cold water and liquid nitrogen to successfully keep the mixture at the specified temperature.

This project is one of the favorites for Argos. We were able to flex our logistical capabilities and technical expertise to help bring this stadium to life for the city of Atlanta, as well as the sports community.

Location: Georgia

Product: READY MIX

Industry: Sports and Entertainment

Sector: Commercial