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The owner’s project, FDOT, encourages the use of Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) Type IL in all their projects, knowing that the cement has to undergo rigorous testing and must be approved prior to use. Ready Mix Concrete Supplier, Argos, provided mix submittals to contractor Archer Western – de Moya and convinced them to use PLC Type IL for the sustainable and performance aspects of the material.

The Gateway Expressway project consist in constructing two new 2-lane elevated tolled roadways that will provide direct connections between US 19 and I-275, and the Bayside Bridge (north of 49th Street N) and I-275.

SR 690, a new 4-lane tolled expressway connection from US 19 to the west of I-275. The new roadway will be built in the median of existing 118th Avenue North. SR 690 will be elevated over portions of 118th Avenue North, 49th Street North, 47th Street North, 43rd Street North, 34th Street North, the ramp at 31st Court North, and 28th Street North.

SR 686A, a new 4-lane elevated tolled expressway from the Bayside Bridge to just west of I-275. It will be primarily built in the median of Roosevelt Boulevard between the Bayside Bridge and Ulmerton Road. An interchange at Ulmerton Road will be built as part of this project. The new roadway will continue south through the old Sunshine Speedway property until it merges with SR 690.

Additionally, I-275 will be widened to add a toll lane in each direction along the median next to the existing lanes from south of Gandy Boulevard to 4th Street North.

Construction Cost: $594.7 million
Estimated Completion: Early 2023
Contractor: Archer Western – de Moya Joint Venture. Project size: 79,119 CY (Ongoing)

Argos Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) Type IL and SCMs were used in most of the concrete mix designs (excludes precast elements).

Images: courtesy of FDOT

Location: Florida

Product: Cement

Sector: Civil